Monday, April 23

Torn between two lovers...

A bunch of tabs open that I want to log for you and not wanting to type them up. Let's see:

+ ZenPundit's coverage of The Children of Hurin . Amazon wrote today to say my copy's on the way...

+ 25 Great Calvin and Hobbes Strips. I love Calvin. Reading some of these reminds me of Wil. (via Jaq)

+ BTW, Wil has a new, Meet the Robinson's-inspired story up at twinlog called Wil's Frends and the Time Mushen

Eight Google Apps in Your Future plus Illustrated Google Wishlist: Google Drive

+ To listen: Death Cab cover over Lovesong by the Cure (via)

+ To watch: international trailer for next Harry Potter(n) (via kottke)

Hmm. I did ok ;-)
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