Saturday, April 21

Could I vote for Rudy?

Tom's becoming a Giuliani fan. Hasn't endorsed him yet, but he likes him. Briefed his staff, who then requested Tom brief Giuliani in person, which he did. Tom's column tomorrow is about that.

Rudy on the issues

Rudy's top two priorities are:

1. fiscal discipline - cutting spending and taxes
2. national security - stay on offense and keep terrorists on defense

I'll buy those.

Other plusses:

+ He talks about responsibility and the leader being responsible.
+ He's optimistic about the US and the world and our future. Optimism is important.
+ He's an outsider to Washington with big government leadership experience (basically equivalent to a former governor), including working with a Democratic city council.

You might want to check out some of the video on his website, like his welcome message or Rudy on his record .


+ I am concerned about Rudy's personal life, his two previous marriages, and especially his estrangement from his son.
+ Is Chris Rock right? That Giuliani's like a pit bull: good in a crisis, but otherwise he might eat your kids? ;-)

We'll see.

What do you think?
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