Sunday, October 22

Names I like from Hype Machine

Let's clean out some of the names I like that I've saved up from Hype Machine:

+ Amon Duul (derived from Tolkien)
+ Horse Feathers (in honor of my dad, who sometimes uses that expression)
+ Thor (always a good name, evocative of my Laser Tag nickname, Mjolnir)
+ TRS-80 (loved playing that Star Trek game on a borrowed machine)
+ Weblog name: Veritas lux mea (Latin for 'The truth enlightens me')
+ Jedi Mind Tricks (but they don't work on me, only money ;-)
+ Gorgoroth (more Tolkien)
+ Menomena (not least of all, a melifluous word ;-)
+ The Magic Numbers (Schoolhouse Rock: 'Three, it's a magic number, yes it is...'
+ The Specific Heats (i like those science names)
+ The Lloyd Dobler Effect (should be obvious ;-)
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