Monday, October 2

In search of...

+ Ken Jennings has succeeded in getting himself to the top of Google's rankings for celebrinerd . Congratulations, Ken! ;-)

+ Dan turns his college classes into democracies with weekly elections, Assemblies, Presidents, and Governments. And it works. Wish I'd had him for a teacher!

I wonder if such a practice could work for places of employment...

+ I've been thinking for awhile that I would like a custom search for lifehacker-type stuff. I get most of those-type tips from Lifehacker and del.ici.ous/popular. I save some to I post some to And, if I were going to expand a little, the next source would be

If I had my way, I 'd get 3 or 4 columns with results in descending order.

Rollyo has some potential. I've created a search over there called 'My lifehackery'. But the results, especially those from, don't end up being very useful. You can only use the Top Level Domain (, and not subdomains (, If I were going to click through to this search, I would probably search something, then click on each individual search in the lefthand sidebar.

Know of anywhere I can get the solution I'm looking for? Am I looking for the wrong thing?
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