Tuesday, October 24

Go Vikes

Past time to crow about the Vikings' win over Seattle. We'll take any win we can get. Beating the NFC champions in their house is pretty good.

Admittedly, they didn't have Alexander. And we knocked Hasselbeck out. But we'll take it.

Our defense is looking really good. Credit new DC Mike Tomlin who says they look to get the ball back and to score. That's what they did on Sunday, causing the backup to fumble and recovering for a touchdown.

Also worth mentioning that the offense gets mislabeled as boring. But what they do is establish the run game and make the high percentage passes. Wouldn't you with the highest paid Left Tackle in football?

But then they take chances. They've won games on a fake field goal and a halfback option.

They rank fifth in the NFL with 25 plays that went for 20 yards more, with four of those going for touchdowns.

They have had some red zone problems with penalties and having to settle for field goals, but it's not too bad for a rebuilding year with a brand new staff and many new players.

It's good to have Brad Johnson back. He's won a Super Bowl, but basically got cast off. He's playing really well for us.
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