Thursday, October 12

Cleaning out, catching up, etc...

+ kottke loves Michael Lewis and has had a lot of posts lately about his new book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game about left tackles. Here's one (that talks about Ogden being such a specimen, maybe he should be playing QB). I liked Lewis' Moneyball and look forward to reading Blind Side. Caught Lewis on NPR the other day and it was really interesting.

+ REALLY old news: the Bills beat the Vikes a couple of weeks ago, which sucked, but it was nice of Jaq to say the Vikes are his favorite NFC team.

In light of Jaq's good taste, I won't say who my favortie AFC team is. If you can't say anything nice... ;-)

To tell the truth, my interest in that team (initials NEP) has been waning for some reason...

Jaq had a followup post where he talked about liking the whole NFC North, which is ok for a transplant, but for natives, if you like, say the Vikings, you have to hate Chicago and Green Bay.

(You don't have to hate Detroit, because they suck anyway ;-)

I didn't grow up hating the Packers or the Bears. I learned to dislike Packer-fan-behavior, and then the Packers, when I was at Wartburg, because they are so totally annoying. I hate their fan-ness, but I can separate that from the rest of their personality. I even really like some people who are otherwise Packer fans ;-)

+ I glance up and the number of Spams in that folder catches my eye: 6666. Now that's a REALLY evil number! ;-)

+ Curzon of Coming Anarchy has a critique of An Inconvenient Truth that I pretty much agree with across the board: effective presentation, fearmongering, earth getting warmer, no action, why the US rejected Kyoto, propaganda.

Bonus comment content: Gore's carbon footprint hypocrisy.

+ Did you see the amazing perspective Batman and Robin sidewalk chalk drawing?
 Unanimously amazed at my house.

+ Ken Jennings had a crazily coincidental Back to the Future encounter that had me laughing out loud.

+ Macon sings the praises of lower taxes and higher tax revenue .
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