Saturday, October 14

Must. close. these. tabs

Got a bunch of tabs open that I mean to log. Get R done! ;-)

+ Bethy was singing Video Killed the Radio Star this morning. I said 'Let's listen to it!' Through the twin miracles of the Hype Machine and wireless internet, it came streaming from my laptop in less than a minute.

Furthermore, from the search, we also found three different covers that we like: Handsome Hank and His Lonesome Boys (which we're calling the Country Version and Wil just asked for again), Hi-Posi (which Wil called the Alien Version) (find these first two covers at Copy, Right?), and Presidents of the United States of America (which I described as the Rock Version). Plus I found the video of YouTube which (Are you sitting down?) I had never seen before. I actually think it holds up pretty well until the end.

Wil just asked for the Alien Version again. I love that my children like and know music.

+ Last night I wanted to hear Rock the Casbah. Watched the video, too.

+ Jason Hare says that my current Favorite Song of All Time, Such Great Heights, is musically similar in the verses to... Hard to Say I'm Sorry. I could see that. I liked Chicago 16 in jrhi, before I got good taste... ;-)

+ Then I wanted to hear Float On, my Current Favorite Song (not yet of all time). Went to the Modest Mouse page and watched the video, along with some others.

+ John 'Laputan Logic' Hardy is back with a cool post on Hakka culture, gypsies of Southern China, with 1 meter thick earthen outer wall 'communal round houses cum fortresses'.

+ Google has an in-house Store 100% client called Platypus. Google Blogoscoped got a leaked copy (that he can install, but not sync with Google's computers).

I need it. Please release it to us, Google. I know there are many legal issues. But, please. Please. PLEASE.

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