Thursday, October 19

Duh, d-d-d-duh, duh duh duh, duh d-d-d-duh, duh duh duh

(That's the James Bond Theme, in case you couldn't make it out ;-)

When I first came across the post of James Bond movies and themes, I emailed it to Jaq. He posted on it, and I commented on his post , so I guess it's time for me to post, now.

Whew! ;-)

Anyway, my comment:

i like the Madonna song, but not best. i also like the 80s songs: The Living Daylights (shades of Take on Me!) and A View to a Kill. also Nobody Does It Better.

of course, it's hard to beat the James Bond Theme itself.

but, the theme aside, my favorite is undoubtedly Live and Let Die.

that man [who sings the newest theme] is Chris Cornell, former lead singer of Soundgarden (eg, Black Hole Sun and Hunger Strike). unsubstantiated hearsay: he studied opera.

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