Wednesday, October 4

Future communications

ERMB has a piece today on new communications tools that are coming out these days.

+ Email-like voice messaging through your cell phone - Pinger. I have a rudimentary service that sends me an email with a wave file attachment of voice messages.
+ One phone number that rings/messages to whichever/all devices you want - Grand Central, which I've already checked out via Lifehacker, and don't really think I need, though it's cool.
+ Photo to digital image: take a picture of a business card, whiteboard, or any document, get a digital scan of it
+ Listen to podcasts on your cellphone - F?npods. I've been waiting for this one, too, and might actually use it, especially on my next trip.
+ Voice to text is a killer app that I've been calling for for a long time (and, of course, there's some speech recognition out there).

The goal, as far as I'm concerned is my data, anywhere, anytime, anyway. Speaking is faster than typing (and easier on my tendonitis). So, when I want to compose - anything, I can speak it, but output it anywhich way. Reading is faster than listening. So if I want to process faster, I'll read it.
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