Friday, October 13


I love Frank Miller and I love the idea of bringing his work to the screen faithfully. I was very intrigued by Sin City and Rodriguez' work (though not intrigued enough to see it; the subject matter was not to my liking).

I spent a good chunk of last friday night watching 300 videos on Google, the trailer and the video production journals.

See also the official movie website.

Gates of Fire is a great book about this same historical event.

Younghusband started a thread on this at Coming Anarchy  where I commented, along with some of the content of this post, 'give me the true-to-Frank-Miller Dark Knight movie and i will be ecstatic').

There is some concern out there on the internets that the movie will not be faithful enough to the history. But such concerns generally seem to come from those who have not read the graphic novel. Though some artistic license is taken, especially visually, I am very hopeful about the product.

And in that Coming Anarchy thread today Gollios linked to Victor David Hanson's 'introduction to the forthcoming book trailer' to the movie .

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