Tuesday, February 7

Weekend report: Starfox and Super Bowl

+ Oy. Biggest time-sink of the weekend: Starfox Adventures. A friend loaned it to us and we're having a lot of fun with it.

+ I did have time to watch the Super Bowl, though. The Steelers played pretty well, and congratulations to them. Eric V must be so happy. I'm happy for him and Cowher and Big Ben (easier than spelling Roethlisberger). Not sure there really was an MVP, but since they're going to pick one, I was glad to see Hines Ward get it. Just made sense with his two long yardage plays. Loved the trick play with Randle-El.

My only hesitation with Pittsburgh winning, which I've said before, is why pull for someone who already has 4 titles when so many have none? But there you go.

I think this article's a little unfair to Ben. He wasn't great, but he had some good tough scrambles and the 1st down to Ward to set up Ben's scrambling touchdown was a pretty good play.

Most impressive, as the article notes, Pittsburgh beat the NFL's top 4 teams in the playoffs, and on the road. They're a talented team that peaked at the right time and had the ball (and the calls) bounce their way when they needed it.
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