Tuesday, February 28

NoNewsFilter: Catching up on personal weblog links

+ Mark has a really interesting post on Khruschev's secret speech.

+ Brad has a post on the prefab BreezeHouse, designed to blur the lines between inside and outside. Still a little high for my price range, though...

+ Brad also has a short post called Younger workers falling further behind that I'll go ahead and quote completely:

A new survey shows that median incomes fell for US householders under 45, (that is, those who will be providing my social security someday). However, median incomes for older householders rose during the same 2001 through 2004 survey period.

Without going into too much detail, I'll just say I resemble that remark.

+ Christine has a nice, new post on Elizabeth that didn't get cross-posted over here. I recorded the twins reading on sunday and will get the files up when I can...

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