Thursday, February 16

My research and resulting excitement about the next generation Nintendo game console

Note: This post started out as a sub-post and quickly got out of hand.

2nd note: This is the development that Christine has been fearing.

Now that we're devoted Nintendo players in our house, time so start watching the next geneation Nintendo console, codenamed 'Revolution'. (Don't worry, Christine: we won't 'need' one 'til sometime next year and it'll play GameCube games ;-) (Christine's imagined rejoinder: 'You won't 'need' one ever and if you want one you better ask the mom (Sean's) who got you and Wil your first one!)
  • Wish: they wouldn't go with proprietary disks. To paraphrase Fletch 'everything's CD/DVD these days'. Would it be too much to ask to just use those and let me play CDs, mp3CDs, and DVDs in my Revoluton? (Upon further reading, you'll be able to this with a slight add on, which is ok but not optimal.) However, I'll gladly sacrifice those powers if they keep it lean. No XBox/Micr$oft bloat, please.
  • Bet: with the popularity of the DS, they'll make it so you can connect DS(es) with wires or wirelessly.
  • Yikes: if motion-sensitive speculation about the new wireless controllers is right, Wil's gonna have to lose some of the body english he uses in his gameplay ;-)
  • I almost hate to say this, but, in one sense, the early pix of the 'Revolution' make it look like the Apple of gaming consoles.
Looking at the Wikipedia article:
  • looks like it'll connect via broadband to the Internet. That means we'll be needing to upgrade to full DSL or, preferably, cable in the next year to go ahead and pave the way. After that, on the wishlist, a decent laptop for me with Wi-Fi, which'll help with my new moonlighting job. Then, sometime in 2007: the Revolution! ;-)
  • look at those controllers! I don't like the 'remote control' formfactor, but if you can swing it like a sword, look out!
    • 'the controller can be used like an NES controller when turned counterclockwise'
    • and it takes an analog stick peripheral called a nunchaku!
    • 'Nintendo has also announced a controller "shell" which will resemble a traditional game controller called the "Classic-Style Expansion Controller". The Revolution "remote" will fit inside this shell which will allow gamers to play games using a traditional controller while retaining the "remote"'s motion sensitivity.' How cool is that!?!
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