Saturday, February 25

Connections from before 1990

+ Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em! Did you see MC Hammer has a Blogspot weblog?
+ I probably wouldn't characterize President Bush as Sark, but defective yeti's extended parody of the port situation in terms of Tron is amazing, just from a geek point of view.
+ I forget where I ran across it, but here's a sortable list of how particular majors perform on tests, with philosophy the overall top performer. Smart, but ill-equipped for the job market. Remember my mantra: too smart is dumb.
+ I'd forgotten about Charlie and his weblog until he commented on my West High thread recently. Charlie and I have lots of things in common including Iowa City West, Wartburg, and the Cubs. If only he'd post more often, I could include him in my blogroll ;-)
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