Monday, February 13

Cool, new Web 2.0-ish sites

coComment wants to help you keep track of your comments across weblogs. It's still in private beta. You can email them for an invite. I emailed last night and had my invite by this morning. I've been wanting a tool like this, though this one is still ramping up. I'll let you know how I like it.

Newsvine is a big mashup of news, weblogging, and even ad revenue. You can watch certain tags, write your own 'column', and 'seed the vine' with stories. What I wish it had is a button to simply link a story from my column and post my comment easily. If they did, I might do my 'newsfiltering' more over there. I've got 20 invites to this beta if you want one. Thanks to my buddy Critt Jarvis for the invite to this one.
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