Sunday, February 5

Hawks win, QDR and the Hall of Fame

+ The Hawks crushed Michigan today to solidify first place in the Big Ten. And, if I'm not mistaken, Eric was home in Iowa, watching the game with his folks and getting ready to cheer on the other black and gold tomorrow. Bet he's a happy guy...

+ Here's a headline for ya: Emmitt: How Can You Keep Michael Irvin Out of the Hall of Fame? Answer: because he's a coke-head.

+ Pentagon plans new arms to meet rivals like China . Tom's not going to be happy about this (the official QDR), especially all of that money to modernize our second-to-none bomber fleet. The Pentagon does not need more money. The Air Force and Navy do not need more money. More money needs to be allocated for soldiers and marines and less money needs to be allocated for machines (planes, ships, Star Wars, etc).

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