Friday, February 10

A few thoughts for friday

+ Take bad money, get indicted, garner promotion: DeLay Lands Coveted Appropriations Spot . I'm surrounded by crazy people.

+ Worthy of more attention: Camp Katrina Blog : a weblog covering all of the good (especially humanitarian) things the US Military is doing. Everything on their site points to the SysAdmin concept Tom champions.

+ I like ESPN plenty. PTI is funny. Do I want those guys calling my Monday Night Football games? No. Do I want Joe Thiesmann anywhere in my hearing? No. Do I get what I want? No.

Then again, I mostly go to bed too early to watch MNF anymore, anyway. And I don't have cable and don't expect to before for the fall and wouldn't get it just for MNF. If ESPN has a web broadcast, I might check it out (though I won't pay for it).

So, all in all, Al Michaels, the best play-by-play man in the game, moving to NBC is probably better for me. Though I used to dislike Madden, I can take or leave him now.
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