Tuesday, February 28

Faith, Life, Pacifism, Justice, War and Globalization

Got an email today from a card-carrying anti-war, tradition-loving Catholic (not meant to be a pejorative description at all) re: my work with Tom. I thought part of my response might be worth quoting here:

I subscribe to much of the Culture of Life. i am a distant admirer of Fr. John Neuhaus. as a left-leaning Evangelical, you and i have a lot in common. i used to be anti-war myself. but i deeply believe the old saw 'If you want peace, work for justice.' and sometimes i think war and *gasp* globalization can help to bring justice better than pacifism and traditionalism.

I surprised myself with that description, a little, but I think it encapuslates pretty well where I am on these issues these days.

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