Tuesday, August 28

SC news

+ Ok, if you watch the internet crazes, you've seen Caitlin Upton, Miss SC Teen, make a total fool of herself. I'd like to say she's from Aiken or Spartanburg, but she's from Lexington County just like me :-(

She's the top story on The State's homepage right now. Hey, it's not everyday your Miss Teen is an internet craze (and you can watch the vid from there if you haven't seen the horror yet).

In her defense, she had a 3.5 gpa and played soccer. She's probably not as dumb as she sounded.

But, whoa...

+ Hooray! Mississippi is the fattest state in the union! It's not SC! Reading the article... SC not mentioned... this is good... not in the top 3 mentioned in the article...

Oh, there we are. #5.

Not good.

Should I even say 'we'? I don't really consider myself a South Carolinian.

Iowa's 20th. Oklahoma's 11th. NC's 17th.
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