Saturday, August 18

Happy birthday, dear cd

Remember when you saw your first cd?

I was 13. It was the fall of 1985. I was in 8th grade. Mom and Dad and Kyle and I flew to Germany to visit my dad's brother who was stationed over there. And he had some classical music on cd.

That was only 3 years after the cd first came out. Pretty early adopter.

We didn't have a cd player for a long time. In fact, I was the first person in my family to own a cd and later a cd player.

My high school friends had cd players at home and I loved playing them.

My freshman-year roommate at Wartburg was a music lover. He had a 5-disc Onkyo changer and let me use 2 of the slots. A girlfriend gave me my first cds: Substance and Technique by New Order.

I started filling out my collection, mostly with REM. And my parents bought me my own cd player Xmas of 1990, my sophomore year.

Cds are going the way of the dinosaur (though they're still a fairly stable medium). But it's been a great run.

How about you? What's your cd story?
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