Friday, August 24

Pile of Delusion‽

+ No offense intended to Hawk when I say Pile of Index Cards [Flickr set] [weblog (mostly in English; scroll down)] is the most shocking example of exhausting productivity pr0n(1) I have ever seen. I couldn't look away. This method of getting things done apparently works for him and makes him happy, so that's great. I would never get started on this amazing system...

+ How could I have missed the wonderful punctuation mark, '‽' (interrobang)‽ Unfortunately, Texter does not support it (as a pure character) or I could use it all the time! I'm in love!

+ If you've read this weblog long you know I really dislike Richard Dawkins. Here's a pretty good recent summary of why, the Wikipedia article on Alister McGrath's 'The Dawkins Delusion'. (And, not least of all, I'm putting it hear for my own reference.)

1) For my uninitiated readers (Christine, Kathy, et al.), meaning and usage
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