Saturday, August 18

It's alive!

Aaron is posting again, at least long enough to tag me. I will comply, not least of all in the interest of encouraging him ;-)

7 random/interesting facts about me:
  1. I spent far too much of my life in swing/show choir type rehearsals.
  2. I have a Commercial Drivers License with air brakes and Hazmat endorsements.
  3. I have been weblogging since 12/14/2000 - going on 7 years!
  4. My favorite teams - Hawkeyes in NCAA basketball and football, Vikings and Cubs - have never won a national or world championship. (The Cubs' World Series win in 1908 doesn't count. The Hawkeye wrestling team with all of its national championships doesn't count, either.)
  5. I am a big supporter of commercial space flight as the way to get us to the final frontier.
  6. I do not believe in Bill Joy or Ray Kurzweil (dystopian and utopian respectively).
  7. I have a lot of abortive weblog projects, but I am very proud of my consistency here. Don't know that I'd call it an achievement, but...
Don't think I'll tag anyone else. Pick it up if you like.
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