Friday, July 27

Reading Harry Potter(n)

+ I'm enjoying Deathly Hallows, you know, within reason. When I do read it, I read very fast, maybe 75 pages an hour. Mostly dialogue.

+ I am a total sucker/hopeless romantic re: the Harry-Ginny relationship. Not sure I knew her name was Ginerva (you know, because I skip a lot ;-)

+ Apparently Jo was on the Today show yesterday and gave some more epilogue-type material (via). Sounds like she's going to write an encyclopedia next.

That would actually be perfect for her since she obviously takes such delight in making up stuff and little details. Too bad she probably won't ever turn some other people loose in the Harry Potter universe, like George Lucas has done with Star Wars.

Because I bet there are a lot of chihuahuas out there with some pretty good ideas ;-)

(Pretty impressed with myself that I spelled 'chihuahua's right on the first try ;-)

+ If I ever write any Potter fan fiction, it'll be the just death of Dolores Umbridge. How I hate her! In some ways, her banal evil is worse than Voldemort.
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