Friday, July 20

Are you addicted to weblogging?

Brad came out 82% 'addicted to blogging'. I, of course, came out higher than that, but I'm a pro ;-)

87%How Addicted to Blogging Are You
Brad commented, sort of in passing:
It used to be considered healthy to have an avocation or hobby. But now anything you really get into is framed in the language of addiction.
That inspired my comment:
unfortunately, 'addiction' has come to commonly mean, among other things, 'really love'. like the CCM 'I'm addicted to Jesus'. too imprecise.

for my part, i think we should keep a semi-clinical definition of addiction. everyone who fails to comply must read Gerald May's excellent Addiction and Grace ;-)

the only question in the survey i thought might point to actual addiction was 'Have you ever skipped something you were supposed to do, like a deadline or homework, to blog'

but i fit other intimations in the quiz in that i'm thinking i'll cross-post this excellent comment to my own weblog ;-)
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