Tuesday, July 31

Dangerous living

+ Jaq has a nice post reviewing the Indiana Jones movie in anticipation of the next (hopefully good) one.

+ Coming Anarchy has a good post on real threats v. imagined threats (especially the graphic).

Reminds me of that chapter in Gladwell's Blink about what's dangerous v. what we're afraid of. Cars and backyard pools are dangerous compared to other stuff we're afraid of, like terrorism and air travel. What's the difference? Control. When we feel like we're in control, even if we're not, we feel safer, even if we're not. We're foolish that way.

For most of us, driving, eating junk, smoking, drinking poison, and sedentary living are far more dangerous to us than most of the stuff we're afraid of.

(CA makes the point, and I agree, that security still matters. The provenance of this graphic is probably 'Fighting terrorism is a waste', with which I totally disagree. My point here regarding the graphic is tangential.)
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