Tuesday, July 31

Old post I found in Gmail Drafts

+ Great name: Communications Major, English Minor

+ T-shirts, these from Pure Pwnage[sic.]
for Cory: Boom Headshot
for me: T-shirt of Pure Pwnage

+ Great way to obviate a franchise:
"Everybody's going to take care of their individual business," O'Neal said. "Everybody's going to do what's best for themselves and their families. We'd like to come back and get one more run at it, but all the other teams are reloading for us, so we also have to reload too."

One nice thing about YouTube is sports highlights. Three I've enjoyed:
1. Dwayne Wade highlights
2. Larry Bird follows his own shot
3. The Bo Jackson one is good if you block out all the silly self-promotion and just watch him run over and by people.
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