Friday, July 27

Dummy locations, awesome mice

+ Stuff you never thought of linking before: a really good, even sweet, ventriloquist act. Of course, it hits my soft spots for Wonderful World and Kermit pretty hard.

I also have a pretty good Kermit impression, usually performing the song Rainbow Connection.

+ Brad linked the new Money top places to live, along with Storm Lake and me. Christine's dad is from Storm Lake. Nice, little Iowa town ... IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! ;-)

So I thought: I'll look through the list of top places to live with affordable housing and see if there's anyplace we want to live.

Blast! We already do! Irmo, SC. Only problem is, we're not too crazy about living in SC. Too hot and the closest family is 90 minutes away.

That's part of the reason it's so hard to contemplate moving anywhere else: we've already got such affordable housing. The sticker shock for Iowa City or Charlotte (two top contenders) is brutal.

Oh, yeah: and no place hotter than here ;-)

The Equator , at altitude, is looking better all the time.

+ Awesome banner Jason Shellen's kids (and wife! ;-) made for him when he came home from his last day at Google.

+ Paul links a computer mouse for your feet . I would love to have one if I computed at a desk. Alas, I computer from my recliner. But if I ever have a desk again, I think this would be great.

Plus, it's one of those keep your brain young by trying new stuff things.
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