Saturday, July 14

Can I post?

A few of you have noticed that I haven't been posting. Much obliged, I'm sure. It's not intentional and there is no interesting subtext. I just haven't felt like it. The biggest part of that was driving to Iowa to weekends ago, being in Iowa for 5 days (working during the day; I was not on vacation), and driving back. Nice and all, but exhausting.

So thanks for the concern. Normal posting may resume ;-)

+ The Blogger backup tool, mentioned here, worked like a charm for backing up two of my Blogger weblogs.

+ My buddy Jim has a new crusade: Universal Health Care! I'm not ready to write my Congresscrats like he urges, but he definitely has a point.

My offering: BusinessWeek's article comparing French health care quite favorably to the US.

+ Story I'm following: woman hit hard by 9/11. Starts reading. Starts visiting jihadist websites. Learns Arabic. Contributes to the arrest of several would-be terrorists.

Then, Michael Tanji, intel expert, has this interesting comment on Tom's site about not drying up a good source of intelligence. His latest post of his own.

+ Jaq would be so proud: We watched Star Wars on the 30th anniversary weekend. And last night we watched Singin' in the Rain (because the twins have shown some interest in that kind of dancing).

+ Speaking of movies, we saw Ratatouille July 2nd and loved it. No flaws detected during the first viewing. Wil even opted to get the game for his DS. It has some fun, touchscreen cooking mini-games.

+ Speaking of games, I saw some headline about the console wars this week. Baloney. The console wars are over and Nintendo killed Xbox and Playstation. They understood that people just want to have fun, on the Wii and the DS, and opened up whole new markets with innovative gaming. Nintendo saved us from the first major video game dark ages with the NES, and they've done it again. What a great company!

I think that's a good (re-)start for now.
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