Sunday, March 25

Two links to collision detection

Mark is getting credited in the latest Wired based on a comment he left at the author's website. Congrats, Mark!

I found a couple of posts I liked over there.

1st is an article Clive had in the NYT quite a while ago. I may have even linked to it. It's about how celebrities look different in HD. Some look better. More look worse. The comments get more into what genres work best in HD. Sports is the big winner. I noticed this at my brother's house. The NFL playoffs were amazingly... HD. But then afterwards you see the press conference and Peyton's face looks pretty blotchy.

The 2nd post is about a guy who did an annual report on his own life with some crazy stats and high design . I think it's amazing and wish I would take the time to do something like it, in my own Seanish way ;-)

Ok, now I'm really going to take a break from this laptop ;-)

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