Thursday, March 29

Theaters, swimming, passwords and the BA

+ Well, I was right about the Old Capitol Mall transitioning to UI control. But they're calling it 'University Capitol Centre'. Hey, James Bond. In America we spell 'Center' with 'er' at the end! ;-(

Anyway, the Campus 3 Theaters are closing.

That's kind of sad. Saw lots of movies there. Let's see: Man with One Red Shoe, Arachnophobia, Howard's End (with Christine pre-engagement :-), Lady and the Tramp, Cannonball Run, and ... tons of others I can't remember right now.

+ kottke points to these Google directions from NYC to Dublin which include:

23. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean   3,462 mi

Is this some kind of joke?

+ I found this guy's post very sobering:
How I'd Hack Your Weak Passwords. I knew my passwords weren't strong enough, but this spurred me to action. Took his advice: downloaded and installed Roboform.

+ Finally, for now, a comment I left over on Tom's weblog, copied here for your edification:

John C: you have a point. failure in Iraq will probably set back nation-building. however, Tom does not see it as a 'single point of failure' for his ideas.

Tom has been promoting Iraq solutions since before the invasion. he supported the war. but the Bush Administration has continually screwed up the peace, perhaps most of all because of their unwillingness to listen to anyone but themselves. the BA wouldn't listen to other nations in the run up, so we've had much less nation-building help. they wouldn't listen to Shinseki and we had far too few boots on the ground. fast forward to the Iraq Commission, and, perhaps most of all, the electorate.

so, the question should rather be, why hope for listening, solutions, even competence from this crowd? best to hamstring them for the rest of their term so they don't do something really stupid, like attack Iran.

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