Sunday, March 4

An Inconvenient Truth (About Mommies)

Christine is a fragile ecosystem.

Thursday was her last day at work. They had chocolate cake at work and, since they gave her a Starbucks gift card (don't ask what my work got me :-( ), we also got Mochas to celebrate.

That night she had an upset stomach and couldn't sleep because of the sugar and caffeine.

Friday morning she still felt out of sorts. So she didn't have breakfast. But then, when we were running errands, she started to get really droopy around 10. Who wouldn't?

Christine hasn't consistently slept well since before the twins were born. She often falls asleep while lying down with Bethy, then is awake in the middle of the night.

One of the major goals of having Christine not work is to try to restore some equilibrium for her. I want time for her to be healthy, to catch up on her sleep, to take a nap if she needs to and then sleep when the rest of us sleep. And we both need to get some exercise.

But back to the title of this post: It's hard being a mom. A mother's work is never done. I don't have scientific proof that all mommies are fragile ecosystems. But I wouldn't be surprised. Are you? Is yours?


therealkimaliczi said...

Personally, I think men are more fragile ecosystems. Most women I know, including myself, have an amazing ability to adapt to change and stress. Sure - we get overloaded sometimes. Twins (btdt). Caffeine & sugar (btdt just yesterday!). But we bounce back pretty well.

The key, however, is to remember that it's a lie. We are fragile. We are a whole lot more fragile than we let on.

So men - don't ever, ever, ever let your wives know that you think they are fragile - because we'll all deny it. But take great care of her. Because she is.

So - what do you think, Sean? Spoken like a true woman? Are you confused yet? LOL

\o/ Kim

Sean Meade said...

dear Kim,

thanks for your comment. i certainly needed a mother's perspective!

i don't disagree that men are more fragile. would you say, maybe, psychologically? i certainly resemble that remark. i have been psychologically disabled many times when Christine has kept on serving her family.

i guess the my post focused on physical health. i know men are famously wimpy when sick, but do you think this is a possibly acceptable refinement?

we are all fragile, of course, and should be handled with care.

and, ultimately, we have to entrust one another to God's ultimate care and final redemption.

Kathy said...

Sleep is a fickle friend. I swear my husband could drink a gallon of Mt. Dew right before bed and still be asleep in mere seconds! My point is this, I think that women and especially mothers have more complex psyches that enable us to carry the emotional weight of the world on our shoulders BUT a more fragle ecosystem as it were, that makes it difficult for us to let it go even subconsciously (sp is SO wrong).

And you are so right about man/sick thing, ya big wuss ;)

Sean Meade said...


you signed in with your blogger account! good job! ;-)

i think you characterize the emotional dynamic well. (and, btw, you nailed 'subconsciously' ;-)

do you have actual examples of me being a wuss? otherwise, i think we should ask Christine ;-)

Kathy said...

Well, I don't have an actual example just a speculation based on one particular comment you have made MANY times. It goes like this...."I go through life looking for places to lie down." So, I'm thinking that if this is you when you are well, what are you like when you are sick? Just a thought, ya big wuss......maybe. ;)

Sean Meade said...

man, this thread is getting good ;-)

you're right, of course. a favorite quote of mine. and so true!

don't even get me started on how i get if i haven't eaten for 3 hours ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would only add that change is a difficult and exhausting period, even when it is all to the good. And your family is experiencing big changes in your "external" circumstances. It is both exhilarting and tiring.