Sunday, March 25

Great coaches [updated]

Speaking of Coach Wooden, I wonder if I could make a decent list of coaches I admire. From the outset I will even dare to rank them! ;-)
  1. John Wooden - The Standard.
  2. Dan Gable - Unbelievable success as an athlete and coach.
  3. Dean Smith
  4. Roy Williams
  5. Bill Walsh
  6. Mike Krzyzewski
  7. Bobby Stoops
  8. Tony Dungy
  9. Lute Olson - Hard to forgive Lute for going to Arizona, but still a good guy.
  10. Bill Belichick - Doesn't win any nice-guy awards, but amazingly successful in this era of parity, with an impressive legacy.
  11. Hayden Fry - I was always disappointed that Hayden didn't take the Hawkeyes farther - winning a Rose Bowl and contending for a national championship. But his legacy is amazing...
  12. Kirk Ferentz
  13. Tom Davis
Ok, how am I basing these rankings? I'm only ranking coaches I like, based on character and success.

I'm not really interested in debating these rankings with you. They're mine. But did I forget anyone?

Further, who are your favorite coaches and why?

Note on the update: Marshall mentioned Coach K in the comments, and I really should have included him.
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