Saturday, March 3

Lotsa surf, not much turf

Hmm. Been surfing lots of stuff on the intarweb, just not posting much.

(And, no, Jim, I haven't been spending my time on Facebook and MySpace instead ;-)

+ Names I like from The Hype Machine:
  • Pajaro Inflamable
  • My Awesome Mixtape
  • Please Don't Blame Mexico
+ David says the Air Force needs to kill the F-35 to free up funds to recapitalize the rest of the fleet. Makes sense to me.

+ Things I Desperately Wish Women Would Say to Me on First Dates (via kottke). Best one: "Is that an XXL Magic: The Gathering shirt? Plus five to Gryffindor!" (Though shouldn't it be 'Five points to Gryffindor!'? ;-)

+ Stupid: South Carolina has a 200 year old law on the books banning all games with cards or dice.
Stupider: People still get arrested for it, including
Seventy-nine-year-old Amelia "Midge" Cheseborough.

+ Saved up Words of the Day
  • Apogee means 'the highest or most distant point; climax', but it came from the Greek words meaning 'far from Earth'.
  • Sychophant means 'self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite', but it came from the concept of 'informer, slanderer, accuser'.
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