Monday, March 5

Mihai Parparita is a genius!

Mihai Parparita has written 6 Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail.

If you use Gmail a lot, or if you'd like to use it better, you need Mihai's Macros script, at a minimum.

I'm in love again.

This is the stuff I've been wishing for in Gmail.

No brainer: Mihai works on the Google Reader team. Why in the world doesn't the Gmail team integrate these commands?!

Here are the normal Gmail keyboard shortcuts:

"C*" : "Compose",
"/" : "Search",
"Q" : "Quick contacts",
"J/K" : "Move to an older/newer conversation",
"N/P" : "Next/Previous message",
"<Enter>" : "Open*, expand/collapse, press button",
"U" : "Return to the conversation list",
"Y" : "Archive/remove from current view",
"X" : "Select a conversation",
"S" : "Star a message or conversation",
"!" : "Report Spam!",
"R*" : "Reply",
"A*" : "Reply All",
"F*" : "Forward"

Here are Mihai's enhancements:

"H" : "What are the keyboard commands?",
"T" : "Trash conversation(s)",
"E" : "ArchivE conversations(s) (always)",
"R" : "Mark conversation(s) as Read",
"Z" : "Mark conversation(s) as unread (vs. Ctrl+Z undo)",
"D" : "Discard (read & archive) conversation(s)",
"O" : "Expand/collapse all messages in a conversation",

"V" : "PreView a conversation
(requires Gmail Conversation Preview)",

"G+label" : "Go to label (including inbox/starred/trash/etc.)",
"L+label" : "Label conversation(s) as label",
"B+label" : "Remove label from conversation(s)",

"-X+key" : "Select " +
"A - All, " +
"N - None, " +
"R - Read, " +
"U - Unread, " +
"S - Starred, " +
"T - UnsTarred"

Heck, being able to type 'h' to bring up the keyboard shortcuts is worth the price of admission alone!

'l' means 'add label' (and then you get to choose). 't' means trash. Come on, Gmail - these should be built in!

(Note to my less technically inclined readers. To use this kind of stuff, you have to install the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox, then install additional scripts into Greasemonkey. But it's really easy! For example (from Mihai's site):

1. Install Greasemonkey from
2. Restart Firefox.
3. Click on the script link. (Eg, Macros)
4. Click on the "Install" button that's displayed in the upper-right corner of the page.
5. Visit/reload Gmail.

Not too bad, huh? ;-)

When you're done with all of those, you might want to check out this script that'll integrate Google Reader right into your Gmail. Whoa.
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