Monday, March 19

2 unimportant items

+ My buddy Kurt sent the video of Chris Rock's opening monologue from SNL last week. This is funny stuff (of course, I almost always think Chris Rock is funny). Road to the White House (an analysis of the current field of candidates with a long discourse on white women v. black men):

(Let me also throw the URL up here since Firefox and Blogger are giving me some sass. Sadly enough, it looks fine in IE :-(

+ Also, I just created, in an email to Christine, a new smiley: ;-(

The winking frown! 'I'm pretending to be sad.'

I know. This is genius.

Before I'd have to do a regular frown :-(

and then be like ;-)

(Just kidding! jk)

Now I've got'em in one emoticon baby!

(I am not saying no one else has ever done it. I'm sure someone has. But I never saw it. I came up with this out of my own brain, too! ;-)
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