Wednesday, February 14

Words, writing, weblogs (and more)

+ Pyrrhic victory was the Word of the Day recently. Embarrassing to learn that it doesn't refer to anything or one about the Trojan War, like I thought. (I think I was thinking of both Paris and Priam, vaguely, neither of whom is Pyrrhus ;-)

+ Embarrassing that I need spell check to spell 'embarrassing' ;-)

+ Did you know:

Bucolic derives from Greek boukolikos , "rustic; pastoral," from boukolos, "a cowherd; a herdsman" from bous, "a cow; an ox."

And also from the Indo-European gwou, the Latin root is bos which we get bovine from.

+ David Shenk is posting the research for his next book on a weblog, interacting with those who care to. I'm convinced this is a good model of future publishing.

+ Another name I like from Hype Machine: Yo Majesty. Right up there with Yo Mama and Not Yo Cheese.

+ Neat way to wrap your earphones so they don't tangle. Must try.
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