Wednesday, February 7

I took the plunge

I had a wild hair and decided to redesign my weblog. I like it. I think I've got everything I want.

One thing I've learned in this kind of stuff is 'don't put everything back in'. Things cruft up. Ask yourself 'Do I really want that back? Is it worth the trouble?' Nice lean results.

It took a little tinkering. The places they hide some of these things are non-obvious.

If I could do one more thing it would be to have black margins. Maybe I can dig around and figure that out.

That brings me to my only major complaint: I don't like CSS. I'm sure it's powerful and all. But, for someone like me, it's mostly overkill. I have trouble finding the right combination of simple with some functionality built in and flexible enough that you can get under the hood and change about anything if you want to.

So why did I switch? Why don't I guy with something plainer? I like the added functionality of stuff that's built in to modern Blogger like edit from your page, email this post to someone, the new, snazzy, extensible Archives widget, etc. The trade-off's worth it to me.

What do you think of my redesign? I have switched to Blogger comments, so we'll see how that goes...
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