Saturday, February 10

Aircraft carriers, iPod zombies and Gmail ponies

+ This must be the week of cool graphics. David links to a really cool image of all of the world's aircraft carriers to scale. He does it to buttress his argument that we don't really need more ships and bigger ships in our navy. On top of that, the number of sorties we can fly is amazing. I couldn't agree more.

+ We are having an interesting discussion about whether or not it should be against the law to cross the street while listening to your music player.

+ I would like a pony, please. In the grand tradition of requesting more features from free services, 2 things I'd like to see Gmail add:

1. Import contact info. You can automatically add events to your calendar. Why not automatically import contact info from someone's .sig into my Gmail contacts? That would be so great!

1.5 Heck, even creating ways we could share and update our contact information more readily, like Plaxo for Outlook, would be great.

2. Since I compose weblog posts in Gmail, if I could have the ctrl+shift+a universal shortcut for 'insert link', that would be really great.

Thanks, Google!
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