Wednesday, February 28

My new job! :-)

Today is my first day of the interregnum between my old job and my new job. We are really stoked!

I am the new (official title) Project Editor for Aviation Week's Defense content on the web. More specifically, I was hired by Defense Technology International. We do our weblogging at Ares. I will be working with Aviation Week's reporters to get more content on the Internet. I will also be doing some original writing myself.

I'll be working from home, which should be great. I will continue to work with Tom, which continues to be great. Christine is quitting her part time job, which will be great :-)

I start, officially March 12th. A little down time 'til then and a little family fun (which I'll likely write more about later).

Hmm, I feel like there's more to say, but it's not coming to me right now. Any questions? Anything I'm leaving out?
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