Sunday, February 4

Super Bowl thoughts

+ Edgerrin James made a bad decision.

+ I feel kind of bad for Rex Grossman. I sort of hate to see all of the doubters and haters and one of the major storylines be right.

+ Peyton Manning is a whiner, even when he's up by 12.

+ I'm sure someone, even many someones have written this, but this Super Bowl is, among other things, confirmation of the ascendancy of the Tampa Cover 2, perfected by Tony Dungy.

+ Simms just said the Bears had to run the football well today to win.

But to do that, the vaunted Bears defense had to get the Colts offense off of the field. And they couldn't at the end of the first half and the beginning of the second.

+ Hmm. I don't see a clear MVP. The Colts RBs. The Colts D. I don't know...

+ Let the apotheosis of Tony Dungy begin ;-)

Good night.
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