Saturday, May 20

Top heroines of SF, fantasy, and horror

Jaq links the top 75 heroines of SF, fantasy and horror. Cool. I'll weigh in.

The first one on the list that I like is 60. Mina Murray from Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. She's one tough lady.

Interestingly, Rogue is tied for this spot, but Rogue doesn't do much for me (pretty Anna Paquin not withstanding). There are some good Rogue moments, but I'd say they're pretty few and far between.

59: Lucy Pevensie. Nice

56: Wholey Cow! I'd forgotten all about Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!

50: Dorothy Gale and Isis. These old cartoons really worked for me ;-)

36: Don't care about Sarah from Labyrinth, but let's give Jennifer Connelly an honorary mention for her roles in this one, The Rocketeer, and Dark City.

28. Batgirl
- I like Batgirl Year One and Barbara as Oracle.

21. Michelle Yeoh - cool lady

19. Jean Grey - good

18. Eowyn - Awesome

10. Lady Jessica - good

9. Diana Rigg's Emma Peel - never watched it, but she sounds cool.

8. Trinity - yep

7. Xena - Don't care. Never did.

6. Princess Leia . Probably my favorite. She possessed me at about 6 years old. And it wasn't about the titanium thong (as Carrie Fisher calles it), either (although I was pre-adolescent then). My lifelong adoration of the Princess Leia is chaste. It remains a 6 year old adoration. And I like it that way. Jason Myers has a nice tribute over there, with a great close: '
Sometimes you rescue the princess. Sometimes she rescues you.'

5. Sarah Connor. I liked T2 pretty well. I wouldn't place her this high, but...

4. Wonder Woman - not much of an opinion

3. Scully - great

2. Buffy - never watched it, but she seems tough

1. Ripley - I like Ripley. But not in this spot. Rather, somewhere north of Batgirl

Well, there you have it. I hope you are duly edified.
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