Thursday, May 4

Cleaning out the old inbox omnibus

So much for inbox zero ;-)

+ Wil really liked watching me play Dungeon Escape. He kept asking me if we (I) could play it until I beat it.

Hello! And welcome to Dungeon Escape, my very silly and very low-budget flash tribute to the classic laserdisc games like Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Super Don Quixote (well, that last one's not quite so famous, but it holds fond childhood memories for me). At the moment there are many rooms missing, but I'm constantly adding more, so check back from time to time.

+ Amazing index of Sesame Street video clips on YouTube! (I haven't watched any of these yet.)

File under: thanks, internets!

+ Ian's Shoelace Site. What it sounds like, with unbelieveable depth and breadth. I have taken to tying his Secure Shoelace Knot on my work shoes and have literally not had a lace come untied without my untying it! (And sometimes barely then!)

+ A great site on teaching kids to ride bikes . Bethy's doing great with our blind efforts, but some of the tips here have helped Wil already. Next up: removing his pedals.

+ The best way to level a space for an easy set pool (cuz, believe Christine, it's only easy if you've got level ground). Where else?

The following three links are from kottke:

+ Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink) says we should run forensic statistical analyses* on alleged record-setters (eg Bonds, FloJo). I think that's a pretty good idea. [ follow up ]

* Like those Steven Leavitt (Freakonomics) ran on Chicago School test cheaters or that the IRS runs on tax returns.

+ Though I am usually in favor of markets, I find the following rationale pretty compelling. What am I missing here?

Greg Saunders has a suggestion for a simple Democratic ad campaign for the midterm elections consisting of three graphs: gas prices, oil company stock prices, and oil company campaign contributions. (also via kottke)
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