Tuesday, May 16

'By the pricking of my thumb...'

...something [scary] this way comes.' [paraphrased ;-)]

Coming Anarchy, that is, the newest blogroll denizen. They're fairly pessimistic about where the world's headed, but really nice guys ;-) Also, their funky Victorian theme and excellent design are worth checking out in themselves.

So, a post from them I've been meaning to link:

Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia have just won seats on the new U.N. Human Rights Council. The good news: Iran and Venezuela were defeated.

Ay de mi. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

But it's also a funny world. As I click through later to the comments, I see this hilarious one:

Also, I think Cuba, Russia, China, and Saudia Arabia should have a cage match for who has a worse human rights record. Because singling out any of these countries as particularly atrocious for a well-timed quip is proving difficult.

Man, that sounds like how I surf... ;-)
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