Friday, May 5

Dilbert, Jaq, Brad, Curzon, Wil, Mario, and a couple of Toms

+ Just because I haven't tweaked Jaq in awhile, here's a long article on Tom Brady's opinions (eg, veterans are better than rookies) which basically says... nothing. ;-)

+ Tom on the 'gas crisis':

The gas "crisis" reappears for the summer driving season, right on cue. Washington is naturally "shocked" at the obvious market manipulation and price gouging, and politicians stand in line for photo-ops at local gas stations, venting their righteous indignation and ignoring the fact that America has gone out of its way in the past to allow domestic drilling or the building of new oil refineries, so voila! Now they're going to fix it with a rebate or some showy hearings where oil execs are lined up with their right hands raised (the ultimate photo-op).  

It is all just too pathetically predictable to warrant serious comment. Our crisis is nothing more than the piling up of our consumer choices over the past several decades, our willingness to make investments within our own country (especially in refining), and this weird public sense we have that cheap gas is an American right.  

So now the market corrects many of those assumptions with the same level of indifference we've long displayed on the subject. And politicians are going to make this process better somehow? Or are they just likely to confuse the issue, as they so often do?

+ Dilbert is now unemployed and looking for a job online. I know the feeling.

By the way, 56,069 people subscibe to Dilbert on Bloglines. That's the most of any subscription I've seen by far.

+ I didn't know any of this about Cinco de Mayo (via Brad):

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the day when Americans join with Mexicans from Puebla to celebrate the defeat of the French. If it hadn't been for Cinco de Mayo we Californians might have ended up speaking French instead of Spanish. Viva Benito Juarez! :-)

Teaming up with Mexicans to defeat the French? Hooray! Let's do it some more! ;-)

+ Coming Anarchy has a good post on why the Kurds might prefer a loosely federated Iraq to an independent Kurdistan. Makes all kinds of sense, once you think about it...

+ What Wil really needs is an open gaming platform where he can tweak characters and rules to make his own game. He's always mashing up different 'worlds'. My favorite idea he has was Lego Lord of the Rings (like Lego Star Wars). He also came up with Lego Mario Amazing.

I think we're probably getting pretty close to that kind of gaming platform. Some games can be somewhat modded like that. I bet he'll have the whole kit and caboodle for his kids...
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