Tuesday, May 2

Iran, pork, Arnold, and del.icio.us

+ Iran threatens Israel if US acts "evil" . That's a rich headline for you. Standard playground retort: takes one to know one.

+ If the glove fits:
Line-Item Veto Draws Sen. Byrd's Scorn

WASHINGTON (AP) - A proposal to restore a scaled-back version of the line-item veto authority for presidents drew withering scorn Tuesday from the dean of the Senate, who called it "an offensive slap at Congress."

That is to say, Congress' addiction to pork is so egregious, it merits an offensive slap in the face. It needs to be slapped and offended.

Parallel headline might be: Congressional porcine pandering draws citizens' scorn.

+ Arnold wants 2 teams for LA. That's a stretch. They can't get their act together for one. Maybe that's ok. I'm torn between loving the NFL, supporting a market approach (if the LA market doesn't want a team that bad...), and not supporting municipal subsidization of professional sports.

+ Disclosure
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I have to confess, I am back to using del.icio.us, but only to save del.icio.us/popular links. This is because the feed craps out in Bloglines a lot and it's so easy to click through and just save them. Besides, I always liked the interface, and I'm not using my Gmail archive of links as much as I thought I might.

So, new request: is there a way to get Google Desktop to index bookmarks you have on the web as part of it's data base? One possibility
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