Thursday, May 25

A little post on Bohemia

Tom's news link about the Czech Republic inspired me to do a little reading on Bohemia.

There are a lot of Czechs in Eastern Iowa. For example, check out (!) The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (oh, I slay myself ;-).

My maternal grandfather was 100% Bohemian (or 'Boheemee' as they say there). By my reckoning, that makes me 1/4 Bohemian. The rough picture of my muttitude/hybridization:

3/8 Irish
1/4 Bohemian
1/8 English
1/8 French
1/8 German

(Christine is 100% German Lutheran all the way back to the old country, so, for those keeping score at home, that makes the twins roughly:

9/16 German
3/16 Irish
1/8   Bohemian
1/16 English
1/16 French

I made up some pie graphs on these, but they're... someplace else from where I am right now ;-). Maybe I'll post them later.)

Though you can hardly count it, I did get to travel through Bohemia when I was 19, riding on a bus from Poland (actually, Auschwitz that day) to Klagenfurt, Austria (via Graz). We got to get out briefly and I have a nice picture (again, somewhere other than where I am right now or I could scan it in for you) of my friends and myself in the 10$ hand-knitted Polish sweaters we bought in Krackow standing in front of a field of prettily green grain.
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