Friday, May 26

Iowa sources (and a little Morrissey)

+ Interact correspondent Jason Streed sends in Five terrible fake Morrissey songs with the subject 'Close to too easy'.

+ Even Jason might not be interested in the U of I's Campus Master Plan, but, heck. You never know.

I'm especially interested in the proposed opportunity sites. For example, the whole Old Capitol Mall (site 9) is shown as an opportunity.

The ultimate answer to parking problems 'on' any campus, including the U of SC, which has parking problems, is to make the inner campus pedestrian access and make cars park in satellite lots, busing/biking in if required.

The Iowa River could become the main feature of the campus, even moreso than the Pentacrest. (I see, upon further reading, that they start to trend this way .) I hope they maximize the proposed River Park. They've also got a lot of great access to Clear Creek (if they can work on the water treatment smell problem), and a nice 'open' corridor out Melrose (Finkbine and the 'Hawkeye' campus) and up to Oakdale. (Then they basically say this stuff at the bottom of this page.)

No, I'm not psychic. It's just obvious to those of us with good taste ;-)
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