Monday, January 14

Monday football thoughts

Check out this quote from Peter King:

• Tom Brady was a ref's buried whistle and a stunning drop by Mr. Hands Wes Welker from being 28-for-28 the other night. Are we watching the best quarterback of all time in mid-career? Are we watching, maybe three of the best five or six of all time?

• Peyton Manning threw for 402 yards and Lost. He and Tom Brady started a combined opened 30-of-30. Add what Favre did and is doing. We're in a real golden age at the top of the quarterback list.

You know why that is? Competition. Improved defense, greater parity, etc. have pushed quarterbacks to be all they can be.

+ Interesting quote from Adam Vinatieri:

"I have more respect for him than any other coach," said kicker Adam Vinatieri, who owns four Super Bowl rings. "Selfishly, I'd like to have him back. If he goes, I'll give him a hug and wish him well."

Subtext: Vinateri respects Dungy more than Bellichick. I don't blame him. I do, too, especially on the character issues. It's interesting, though...
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