Sunday, January 13

Football thoughts

Hmm. This was going to be an extended reflection on the Patriots' win, but I lost interest. Let's see:

+ Brady was perfect. On the two incomplete passes, he hit his receivers in the hands and they dropped 'em.

+ Did you see what that foolish Jags rookie safety, Reggie Nelson, said? 'It was a dump-down game. Anybody can go 26-of-28 in a dump-down game.' Ah, no, they can't, as the author rightly observes. Brady set regular-season and playoff records for passing efficiency. Prediction: If the Pats play the Jags next year, the quote will be on the bulletin board and they'll beat that guy like they beat the Steeler bigmouth.

+ Peyton was unlucky. His two interceptions were tipped. (Though I liked seeing him lose, but not Dallas and Tony.)

+ I found myself, at times today, rooting for the team I thought New England would have an easier time with. Sick, I know.

+ Easy teams for New England has already come to pass, in some ways, I think. Apart from the Packers, and themselves, the Pats already played the best looking team this weekend, the Jaguars. Indy and SD beat up on each other and I don't see Billy Volek or Philip Rivers beating the Pats in Foxboro this coming Sunday. And nobody really thinks the Giants could win the Super Bowl, right? I mean, they played New England close two weeks ago, but their luck's going to run out, just like the Redskins' did.

+ After spotting the Seahawks 14 points, the Packers looked amazing. We'll see how they look against the Giants. Let the hyping of a Packers-Patriots match-up being now.

+ Simms said at halftime that the offenses didn't need to adjust, but the defenses would. And the Pats' must have, right. But I wasn't paying close enough attention to see how they did it. And I haven't seen it in the press so far...

+ I'm disturbed by Rodney Harrison's bad attitude, not to mention his illegal substance use. He got flagged in each of the last two games for personal fouls.

+ Wrap up: I like this whole article by Don Banks (warning: Brady paean ;-) Jags did what it takes to stop Patriots -- and still lost .
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