Tuesday, January 22

I love this book!

But you might not.

It's 'The Blind Side' by Michael Lewis, the author of 'Moneyball'. Similar book: a look at changes in sports through an economic lens, especially changes in value. But this one has a much more compelling personal story that it's built around. I'm looking around for more books to read that are similar to this, but I don't see too many.

Maybe it's my calling to write the next 'Blind Side' ...

Proposal: Bad Sports Life: Coping When Your Favorite Teams Never Win it All

My favorite teams are the Cubs, Vikings and Hawkeyes. They haven't won a major national championship between them in since 1908 (100 years!). Book will combine sports, economics and personal stories. Will focus on near brushes lately: Cubs were 5(?) outs from the World Series in 2003. Viking made the NFC Championship in 1998 while breaking the single season scoring record. Iowa's a more marginal Big Ten team (let's face it). They've had some brushes with greatness but haven't hit the big time.

Lute Olson got us to the Final Four but got hired away. Kirk Ferentz was starting to look good, we sewed him up, but then his record went south. What about other, smaller, newer colleges that have won?

Title evokes 'bad hair day'.

What do you think?

I think I likely won't follow through and actually write it. If I did, that would be something new ;-)
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